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Blurred Lines of the Publishing Industry

If you are getting paid for your manuscript, you are working with a traditional publisher. If you’re paying any portion of money to the…

Cultivating Creativity in Children

I can’t think of a more important activity to teach young children than creative writing

Understanding the Publishing Industry

An inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Writer’s Workshop: Trimming the Fat

Do you want lean, well-muscled prose? Do you want your words to pack a punch? Well, I’ve got the magic formula that will give you the body…

Kickstarting Novels, part 3

Publishing Terms You Need to Know

Essential publishing terminology for new authors looking to better understand the publishing industry.

Kickstarting Novels, part 2

Work for Hire Agreements: What You Need to Know

Want to Sell? Need to Market!

Kickstarting Novels, part 1

What’s That Sound? Is that Your Book I hear?

Layout + Design: Good Looks Sell Books