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Marketing Services

How will readers find out about your book?

Your book won’t sell itself. You need to build awareness. BookLogix offers a range of services to help build a marketing platform.
Your book must be professionally edited before using our marketing services. This ensures that your book meets industry standards and will get the attention it deserves.


*Additional services available, please contact us for more information. 


Book Reviews — A copy of your book is sent to professional book review services. Choose from several options.

FreeBooksy/BargainBooksy — BookLogix will coordinate and run and online book promotion campaign for your eBook on FreeBooksy or BargainBooksy. FreeBooksy is an online book subscription service for readers that offers one-day book promotions for free books. BargainBooksy is for books that are temporarily sold at a sale/reduced price.

Media/Selling Kit (Press Kit) — BookLogix will develop a comprehensive media kit or selling kit for the book and author. Choice of electronic kit or physical & electronic kit.

*Additional services available, please contact us for more information. 

*Individual results vary. BookLogix cannot guarantee media coverage, awards, or speaking engagements. BookLogix cannot guarantee that any number of copies of your book will be sold/purchased/ordered because of your use of our services.