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Founded in 2009, BookLogix is a nontraditional publisher (a publisher that offers a variety of publishing methods other than traditional publishing) and book printer with a mission to change the publishing landscape. By producing quality work and educating authors on the necessities of publishing standards, we contribute to a market in which independently published books stand toe-to-toe with traditionally published books. We’re not a service provider—we’re a publisher dedicated to helping authors understand the industry and what it takes to make it. Very few publishing companies have the client satisfaction rate of BookLogix–we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the satisfaction of our clients is of utmost importance.

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BookLogix helps authors and independent publishers to publish their books. There are two different ways we work with authors, but in both scenarios you own all the rights to your work, get 100% royalties, and fund the process.

  • SELF-PUBLISHING: We help you to self-publish your book under your own name. You own the ISBN and are listed as the publisher. You fund the publishing, production, marketing, etc. you own all the rights to you work and all the files.
  • PUBLISHING: We publish your book and are your publisher. The ISBN is registered to us so that we may act on your behalf with distribution and other activities. You fund the publishing, production, marketing, etc. You own all the rights to your work and all the files. Your book will be published under one of BookLogix’s 4 imprints. The imprint that is the best fit for your book will be selected based on genre and other factors.
  • BOOK PRINTING: We print books right here at our facility. Whether you use any of our publishing services or not, we can print your book for you. We make paperback, hardcover, spiral and wire-o books. Clients always tell us that the quality of our books far exceeds any other company they’ve used to print in the past.


  • 100% Royalties (Royalties = Selling Price minus printing & binding costs, retailer commission/discount, and processing fees).
  • Non-exclusive publishing contracts. We’re not interested in locking you in or making you sign away the rights to your work.
  • You own everything…From the rights to your content to the modifiable “source” files for the finished work, including your eBook files.
  • There is no virtual staff; we don’t outsource our publishing. At BookLogix, you can meet with your publishing team face-to-face.
  • Our team follows publishing standards and industry trends to be sure your book is marketable and meets reader/genre expectations.
  • Books are printed on-site. You pay only the manufacturing cost. We can also take care of fulfillment and selling.
  • BookLogix is a total publishing solution—we don’t just stop at the release of your book.