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Cover Design

The cover is the reader’s first impression of the book and/or author, so it’s important to have a cover that is original, professional, and fits the feel of the book. BookLogix can design covers for softcover, hardcover, and eBook formats. Illustrated covers are also available.

All cover designs include the following:

  • Meeting with team of designers to collaborate on design/set-up
  • Designers provide author with initial mockups
  • After author provides feedback, revised mockup(s) provided for the author to select the final design
  • Once final cover design is selected, designer will make minor modifications as needed

Interior Text Layout/Design

BookLogix will format the interior of your book to make a finished product that is seamless and professional. The interior text layout service will format, design, and organize the text, charts, graphs, and images of the manuscript to fit the appropriate print format, look, and feel for its genre and audience. Placement of margins, headers, subheads, chapter title locations, where pages fall, where other elements fall (photos, tables, charts, figures, etc.), font choices and sizes, etc. are all encompassed in the layout service. It will also ensure all charts, graphs, and images are in the correct resolution for optimal printing, including any necessary recreation of these items.