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Unless specifically requested by BookLogix all files for book covers, dust jackets, casewraps, text files, and inserts must be supplied in PDF format.

Data Submission

  • We accept files submitted via FTP / DVD or CD-Rom / or USB mass storage. BookLogix does have its own FTP available for clients, if you expect to have several files to send please request an FTP account from sales@booklogix.com
  • In order for BookLogix to easily identify your files, please name them by your BookLogix Job or Library number supplied by your sales representative on your order confirmation.

PDF Files

  • Created with the “press optimized or high quality” preset distiller settings.
  • Include all blank pages
  • Have all fonts embedded. How to embed a font in an Adobe PDF file.
  • Supply at final trim size and without crop marks for non-bleed documents, bleed pages should have image extended 1/4″ past the final trim size and may include crop marks space 3/8″ from the final trim.
  • CMYK Color profile for color books.


  • Along with the source file for the application please supply all fonts and source images used within the document. Please do not embed images into the application file.
  • Supported Native Application file formats by BookLogix (Mac or PC): Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Illustrator – Adobe Indesign – Adobe Acrobat 9.0 – Microsoft Word

Things to consider when setting up your files:

  • There should be no critical elements printing close to final trim. Use 1/2″ as a “safe zone” around all sides of the cover. Margins for interior pages books are usually a minimum of 1/2″ or more.
  • Any image/picture that extends to final trim must bleed 1/4″ beyond final trim. Text on bleed pages should not be closer than 1/8″ to final trim.
  • To maintain a consistent professional look use “Master Pages” for common book elements such as headers, footers, and tabs.
  • Use organized and meaningful file names. example: Title_revision number.pdf Note: File names should not exceed 21 alphanumeric characters, please do not use special characters in file names.
  • Save yourself time, money, and hassle! If you are not sure how to setup your book consult your sales representative with any questions, we are more than happy to help.
  • For images – Both greyscale and color – Please use a minimum of 300dpi and a maximum of 600dpi.