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Book Registration

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

The ISBN is a number used internationally by publishers, retailers, and distributors to identify each edition of a book. Each number is unique, so no other book or product can be associated with it. BookLogix will assign an ISBN for each edition of the book where applicable: hardcover, softcover, eBook (mobi, ePub, and ePib), and audiobook.

Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)

This service registers the book with the Library of Congress Catalog, allowing public library systems to look up information on your book to identify the publisher, should they become interested in ordering the book.

Barcode Creation

A barcode is needed on the back of a book in order to be sold by retailers. BookLogix will create and place a barcode on the back cover of the book, which states the ISBN and list price of the book.

Copyright Registration

It is important to protect the intellectual property from use, sale, or production by someone else. BookLogix will advise and consult on appropriate filing method for the author(s) (including under a business name, individual, co-authorship, etc.). BookLogix will act on behalf of the author to complete all necessary applications with the Library of Congress, provide two final copies for filing, and make sure the copyright page of the book lists all necessary information.