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Publishing Consulting

Many professionals come to us knowing they want to write a book, but don’t know where to start or what form the book should take. BookLogix will assist with developing the book concept, author platform, target audience, value proposition, marketability, and organization for the overall text of the book, turning the concept into a completed outline. The author will work closely with the senior editor, a publishing consultant, and the book publicist in order to fully develop the concept.


Many authors today employ the assistance of a ghostwriter to bring a book to life. Ghostwriters can have varying degrees of involvement in a project, from producing the entire manuscript, to writing a portion of the book, or polishing a rough manuscript into a final one. BookLogix will pair the author with a ghostwriter who is best suited for the work. The ghost author will conduct interviews and research with the author and/or any other necessary parties and then provide writing services. The ghostwriter will write one section at a time and get feedback from the author before proceeding with the next section until the manuscript is complete. Proofreading/editing is not included as part of the ghostwriting service. The length of time to complete the manuscript is dependent upon the amount of writing needed.


We can convert your finished manuscript to a different language, allowing you to reach more readers. The cost of translation services is dependent upon the length of your manuscript. Please contact us for available languages.

Back Cover Text Writing

BookLogix will assist with or write the text that is placed on the back cover. This is considered a prime spot to engage readers in the book content. Readers will understand who wrote the book, what it is about, and what they will gain by reading it. Many authors struggle with appropriately summarizing their text. Because our editors will have already read the book, they are familiar with the content and will be able to create an effective back cover that will capture readers’ attention. BookLogix’s marketing department will work with the editors to incorporate marketing keywords into the back cover text to improve search engine results when the back cover text is incorporated into online listings for the book.