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Promotional Materials

When you’re out promoting your book at a book signing or festival, just piling books on a table will likely not get you the attention you and your book deserve. BookLogix offers a variety of printed promotional materials to help you tell potential readers about your book.

A tip: Keeping a consistent look between your book’s cover and your promotional materials will help readers/buyers associate the materials with you and your book.



Fliers are easy to hand out at events, or leave at a store that’s willing to keep them on a counter, shelf, etc. Fliers can promote the release of your book or your upcoming appearance, etc


We can print posters in a variety of sizes and designs, starting with size 12×18″ and up. You can have a poster printed that is your book’s cover, or has your photo and bio, or maybe reviews of your book from critics and readers. We’ll work with you to design the perfect poster and print it in the size or sizes you need.


Whether you want to promote your book’s release, or a book signing you’ve got coming up, a postcard is an easy way for you to spread the word. We can design custom postcards for your book’s release or an upcoming appearance.

Business Cards

Take your business card to the next level by using your book’s cover on one side, and your contact information on the other. These cards attract attention, and you may find yourself running out quickly!


We can design and print custom bookmarks for you to package with your book or use as giveaways. Bookmarks can feature your book’s cover, purchasing information, your website, character images, and more. A variety of sizes are available.