5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write a Book

So you want to publish a book. Think you need to jump into the writing first? Not so fast!  Many authors believe they have to do all of the writing and then figure out the rest. But to help give your book a fighting chance, you have to do some “homework” first.

Before writing, ask yourself:

Why are you writing the book?

Common reasons: for fun; to build your business; to enhance your credibility; or to leave a legacy behind. Is your reason to make money? You risk disappointment. Half of all published titles sell less than 250 copies a year.

As you write, be sure that your book fulfills that “why.” Will you end up with a book that makes you look like a credible expert? Will your book bring in new clients?

What type of book is it?

Spend some time clearly defining your book. What is your vision or concept? Once you have defined your book, while writing, be sure that you stay focused on the end vision.

Who is your reader?

This is a crucial question to answer before you type the first sentence of your book. Every decision you make from word choice and writing style to the physical attributes of the book to how it will be promoted should be aimed at your reader.

Why would they read it?

Why would someone want to choose your book over another book in the same genre? Do you promise new information they can’t get anywhere else? Will you teach them something they never thought they could do?  As you write the book, be sure your manuscript delivers on that “promise.”

How can it be marketed?

Every author should be thinking about how they will promote their book to potential readers, and get them to buy it, before they write.  The genre of book, the audience you want to target as potential readers, and the “hook” that will make people want to read the book are all factors in what marketing and promotional methods you choose.

So do your “homework,” and get ready to start writing!