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Video Book Trailers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the value of a Video Book Trailer when it comes to promoting your book?

A video book trailer breathes life into your book with pictures, music, text and audio tracks, video footage, or even an interview with you! People pay to see movies because they liked the movie trailer... it works the same way with books!

Picture a video promoting your book playing all over the internet, at community events and book signings, and more. We will create a custom video promoting your book. Then we'll work with you to post that video on your website, your social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter,etc.), YouTube, and more. 

Once a video is created and shared on the internet it can be played an infinite amount of times, shared by viewers with their friends, talked about, re-posted, linked, blogged about... with the popularity of social media sites and today's "viral" phenomenon, a Video Book Trailer is a necessary promotional tool.

Choose from these options: 

The "Book Trailer Slideshow"

Photos and text are used to create a slideshow video between: 30-45 to promote the book where it is sold. BookLogix will write the script for the video book trailer and get approval from the author on the text of the script before production on the trailer begins. Choose from two styles:

  • Option I: Music only
  • Option II: With professional voiceover or author’s voiceover

The Author Interview

Sit-down interview with author is filmed and used to create a 1:00 - 2:00 length video to promote the book and where it is sold.  

Sample Book Trailers

Terms & Conditions: Use of Video Book Trailers service does not guarantee sales of your book.