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Maintaining Inspiration

Maintaining Inspiration

Oct 02, 2014

Danielle Giradeau
Customer Service Representative

When you are writing ANYTHING, be it a novel, a play, poetry, or prose, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of excitement as you did when you first began. Stress moves in, doubts rear their ugly heads, carpal tunnel develops, and you start to lose the drive that made you want to write in the first place. Here are a few helpful tips to maintain your inspiration and push through to the finish line:

  1. Reward yourself: Train yourself like Pavlov trained his dogs. After you complete a paragraph, have some chocolate! After a page, maybe a banana split! After a chapter, treat yourself to a nice dinner. You may grow in girth, but so will your work!
  2. If you’re stuck, go back and edit your previous work. Reading from the beginning can renew the excitement, as well as help with the pacing of the book.
  3. Remind yourself that this is your art, and art takes time. Think about how long it took Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel. You could, right now, be writing your own masterpiece. Don’t let this fill you with fear. You are an artist. And art takes work.
  4. Finding your inspiration can sometimes mean stepping away. Go to a writing workshop, listen to your favorite author’s podcast, or find a place that not only calms you, but rejuvenates you. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Taking a walk can do wonders for your stress levels and clear your brain of all the negative thoughts that can emerge from an inspirational standstill.

Take heart knowing that every writer goes through this, and make an effort to prepare for and eradicate writer’s block. We all know you can do it!

Best wishes,

Danielle Girardeau


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