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Tis the Season for Book Releases!

One of the best ways to raise awareness and draw attention to your newest literary accomplishment is through a book launch event.

Tis the Season for Book Releases!

May 06, 2014

Kristyn Iodice
Book Publicist

With the warm weather season beginning, many authors aim to have their books released within the next several months. One of the best ways to raise awareness and draw attention to your newest literary accomplishment is through a book launch event. Book launch events range in scale from simple in-home parties to elaborate catered events in a hotel ballroom. Understanding the goal of your launch event, the time you have to plan it, and setting a realistic budget will allow you to have a successful event regardless of the size!

Things to keep in mind when planning a launch event:

Time: We at BookLogix typically recommend that an author has their launch event just before the actual release of their book. In the past, when authors publically release their book before their release party, attendees purchased the book online prior to attending the event, and the author lost out on their most profitable sale—in person sales. Your royalty amount will be much higher if people purchase directly from you than from an online or physical retailer.

On the topic of time, give yourself at least two months to plan and prepare for your book launch event. Depending on the scale of the party, you will need time to find a location, set a date, make dining decisions, determine your guest list, create and send out invitations, and promote the event if necessary.

Budget: Create a budget for yourself that will help set parameters on your book launch event. Determine what the total cost you are willing to spend on your launch is, and then break that money into individual categories: rental space, food and drinks, entertainment, decorations, etc.

Location: The location of your launch should depend on several things: your budget, the number of guests you expect, where most of those guests live, the age range of your guests, themes in your book, etc. Get creative! If you can find a way to tie your location in to the setting of your book or a common theme in your book, you increase the chances of creating a fun and memorable evening for your guests. *If you plan to have an outdoor event, be sure to have a contingency plan in case of bad weather!

Guests: Guest lists will typically include family, friends, and colleagues. You will also want to consider the content, topic, and genre of your book when determining your guest list. If you have written a business/resource book, it would be beneficial for you to invite business professionals, company executives, association leaders, etc. Your book launch event can be a great way to network and begin to build a buzz within certain groups.

Set the Expectation: When going into your launch event, it is important to keep the focus around you as the author and your book. Set up a prominent table that people must walk by as soon as they enter. Offer to sign books and encourage each reader to leave a review on Amazon once the book goes live. You can even have a postcard made with a direct link to your Amazon page, your social media pages, and your website. It is easy for people to lose focus on the purpose of an event when they are enjoying delicious food, fine drinks, and good conversation. Plan several moments throughout your event where you can bring the focus back to your book.

Anticipating Book Sales: Don’t print too many books. Determine the size of your guest list and then print accordingly. Remember that even though they have come out to your event, not every single person on your guest list is going to purchase the book. It is not a bad idea to have an order sheet in case you run out of books; you can simply take their information and ship a book out to them the following week.

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