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Authors: Raise the Bar in Your Marketing!

As the self-publishing industry continues to grow and mature, it is important for authors to raise the bar alongside their publisher in order to stay competitive.

Authors: Raise the Bar in Your Marketing!

May 09, 2014

Ian Douglas
Marketing Coordinator

As we near the half way point of 2014 several things become clear; it is an exciting time in the world of self-publishing and opportunities abound. As the self-publishing industry continues to grow and mature, it is important for authors to raise the bar alongside their publisher in order to stay competitive. The recent surge in growth of self-published authors has made it more important than ever to set yourself apart from the competition. The accompanying rise of eBooks on a global scale has further increased the volume and complexity of the indie book market, raising standards and increasing the need for quality control. Authors should strive to continuously educate themselves on how to produce the best possible product, as mediocrity is no longer a viable option.

While creating a quality publication takes a great deal of time and hard work, it is merely the tip of the iceberg in the grand scheme of becoming a successful author. Creating the right marketing strategy for your book is just as important as the quality of the book itself. Getting the word out about your book can seem like a daunting task at first. Where does one even start? Cultivating a professional presence online through social media should be a top priority on your list. Using social media properly enables you to connect to over a billion potential customers worldwide, giving you unlimited potential for growth.

Establishing a professional presence on the five main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and YouTube) is the first step you should take in your new online marketing endeavor. Having an organized and eye catching page for each of these sites will greatly increase the chances of it receiving traffic. Once you’ve established a page it’s time to establish yourself as part of the community. People don’t want to be marketed to directly, especially on social media. You must humanize yourself in the digital world before pushing a product onto someone. The best way to do this is to join like-minded communities and contribute to them without expecting anything immediately in return. Helping answer peoples questions, giving advice or even posting ‘how-to’ videos and articles will establish you as an actual member of the online community, gaining the trust and respect of those you interact with. Having people spread positive things about you on social media can be an incredibly effective marketing tool if you are targeting the right groups.

It is critical that you know your target audience, and once you’ve connected with them on social media you should be continuously analyzing the results of your interactions and adjusting your strategies accordingly. Get to know them by providing feedback, information, and resources. Be proactive in listening and responding to what people have to say, react quickly and appropriately. Demonstrate that you want to have a conversation with the audience rather than just maintaining a news feed.

Strategic keyword usage is crucial on all social media sites. Keywords and keyword optimized content make it easier for others to find you, allowing you to continually expand your reach within your target audience. Encourage interaction online by posting polls, asking questions and continuously adding compelling and diverse content. The online community values consistency, authenticity and transparency above all else, so make sure you are adhering to those three principles when building an online reputation.

Offering video content is important because it’s 53 times more successful than text for achieving optimal page placement on google as well as overall discovery. Studies have shown that 4 out of 10 shoppers visited a store and bought something as a direct result of watching a video. Brand each of your social media pages with a customized background to establish an image that displays your value proposition in a compelling manner. Establishing an image and online relationships will create brand advocates and evangelists who will spread the word for you. Driving meaningful interaction and establishing a quality network holds unlimited potential for your new business enterprise. With time and due diligence the results will speak for themselves.


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