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Think You Know Social Media?

Think You Know Social Media?

Feb 26, 2014

Kelly Nightingale
Senior Editor

This past Saturday, several members from the BookLogix team attended SoCon14, the Southeast’s longest-running social media conference. We all enjoyed the speakers and feel we learned a lot that can be useful for authors looking to raise awareness about their books and grow their fan base.

Here are some of our favorite tips from the day:

1) The three key words when it comes to social media are Promote, Engage, and Encourage. Keeping these in mind while brainstorming, writing, and designing posts can help you hit the jackpot on getting likes, feedback, and shares.

2) Keep your audience in mind when posting; ask yourself, “Is this the kind of content my followers like to consume?” This will make them more likely to share your posts, helping you expand your audience base.

3) Don’t forget about the benefits of using an event to promote your book. Even in this digital social era, nothing replaces good old human interactions.

4) It’s important for readers to see the people they are interacting with online. If you don’t already have a photo and profile featured on your website or social media pages, consider adding them to help readers feel more connected to you.Readers who feel engaged with an author are more likely to talk about you and your book to others!

5) It’s okay to use different methods to reach different people. Some authors have very diverse target audiences, and readers may respond better to one voice/channel than another. Twitter may work for some of your target audience, but you won’t want to have the same mannerisms on Twitter as you would on LinkedIn, for example.

6) Ditch the text-heavy posts! Posts that involve images, graphics, and videos are more likely to show up and stand out in your followers’ newsfeeds than just a plain text post. These items are also more engaging to your followers, which makes them more likely to be shared.

7) One of the most surprising facts of the day is that YouTube is the second largest search engine (second only to Google). Remember its popularity when considering locations to post a book trailer or other videos to promote yourself or your book.

8) When posting on social media, first check the clock. To get the most engagement out of your followers, post inspirational or encouraging posts in the morning when people are trying to get motivated for the day ahead. Post educational posts in the evening after seven o’clock and on the weekend. When promoting your book, balancing posts between both times of day is best.

9) Social media isn’t just for reaching out to followers…it is also an important tool for social listening and creating genuine engagement with the people who follow you. Make social media social again by listening and providing real engagement; this will set you apart from all of the social “noise” and encourages reader loyalty. Social listening can also be a great way to target and gain new followers. Sometimes doing the unexpected can lead to a new fan!

10) Another way to engage your followers is to start a conversation. Don’t tell your readers what they need. Ask them what they want. Use posts that involve questions or fill in the blanks. This will set the scene for your followers to respond to you, and you should always make it a point to respond back to those who comment to strengthen your connection.

Begin incorporating some of these suggestions into your social media routine, and watch your fan base grow!


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