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Where Baby Books Are Born…

Where Baby Books Are Born…

Jan 16, 2014

Carly Swirk
Customer Service Representative

Upon starting my new job at BookLogix, I excitedly telephoned my nieces (aged four and six) and happily informed them that I now work at a place where “baby books are born!”
While this statement stirred giggles from my two favorite people in the world, in all honesty, there is more truth to my words than one might assume.

Daily at BookLogix, I meet the fledgling writers as they pick up their first order of printed books. Many times, I find myself sharing in the joy that meets a customer when for the very first time they hold the final draft of what is sometimes a lifetime goal met!

Every story is different. Every writer has a different desire that they hope to accomplish through their written work.
While every day at the office offers up new stories to hear, new pages to read, one factor always holds the same: every page that is published by BookLogix is handled with special treatment and kid gloves, much like…well, a baby.

Oftentimes, writers are so eager to press forward in their writing process that they lose sight of the importance of taking time to ensure the highest quality of their work. We live in a world of instant gratification on so many levels, but the art of editing and publishing still stands as a forum that requires time.

A book may have the ability to change the world—with its first print, every book takes on the challenge of becoming exactly what the author has dreamed of for their work. However, without time and care, even the greatest of pros can lose the intended greatness.

So the next time you consider where to best publish the final draft of your dream, also consider the beauty found in a publishing office where time is taken and full involvement of the staff is required, as we at BookLogix take on the birth of your written work.


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